Missionary life is full of blessings and challenges. Dick Mills, a Prophet once spoke these words over my late husband and myself at a marriage retreat, ” Blessed coming in and blessed going out.” That was it. I was so disappointed as we sat there listening to all of the wonderful things being said to others. It was many years later in the mission fields of Uganda that I came to know the full meaning of those words.

I have learned so much about myself that God has helped me to change. Living in a third world conutry is very different. It is a must to learn how to blend the two cultures together to fully accomplish the vision God has set before you. Almost everything operates differently, requiring patience and flexibility. Those were two of my short suits that I have had to learn to adjust about myself. That in itself was a large undertaking. However I have made great strides in that area.

One has to have discernment in many relationships being formed. I had prayed for that for years, never knowing that God had given it to already. It proved to be one of the more valuable assets as a missionary. I met many Pastors and people everyday that had stories that would cause so much compassion to rise up in my heart that discernment is neccessary in helping you to feel by the spirit what is true and not true. When I would discern that something was just not right about the person, the Holy Spirit would give me questions to ask them that were challenging to them. Many would just turn and walk away because they were exposed right in the moment. Discernment helped me in every aspect of being a missionary and leading a ministry.

Faith and believing God will fulfill His Word are the two key foundations to being a missionary. Because we are in the flesh, we sometimes fall short, until we get our eyes back on the Lord. When things got hard, believe me when I say “That happens” I had to draw on Faith to get me through. I had to believe that God is there with me and His Word is true. He will not allow His work to fail. He will not allow me to fail. He will fulfill every need in the ministry and myself. My Faith had to rise up, my trust in Him must come to another level. Today my Faith and believing Gods Word has grwon so much. Do I still sometimes fall short in that? Yes and I repent to my Lord for that. He has never forsaken me in the trials and tribulations that I have passed through in both ministry and my personal life.

The blessings have been many. Just to love and be loved by those you meet along the way  has enriched my life to the fullest.


Donna Kowalsky

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